More Reliable Streaming with SRT

Does Your Stream Pixelate or Buffer?

Streaming RTMP over unreliable, low-bandwidth networks can cause issues. With dvCloud, you can now replace the RTMP protocol with SRT, which will fix most streaming issues you may have.


$49 / Month


$99 / Month

SRT Compatible
Full input and output support of SRT protocol for reliable streaming
Cloud Recording
Amount of expandable storage for recording in the cloud
Streaming Platforms
Number of simultaneous streaming destinations
5   25
Streaming Per Month
How many hours of streaming per month
70 Hours   Unlimited
Live Sources
Number of stream sources / channels
1   5

Why Use SRT

SRT is better than RTMP because it handles problematic networks more efficiently. It requires less bandwidth, and it solves data errors faster. As a result, your viewers will experience a better stream, with less buffering and pixelization.

How to Take Advantage of SRT

Datavideo encoders and dvCloud provide reliable streams over unreliable networks. By using a Datavideo encoder and dvCloud together, you can utilize SRT (instead of RTMP) on the initial problematic connection or "First Mile."

After your video stream reaches dvCloud, you can depend on dvCloud's reliable, high-bandwidth network to deliver the stream to your favorite destinations, like Facebook and YouTube.

SRT-Ready Encoders

The encoders, cameras, and hand-carry switchers above are ready to be used with dvCloud for SRT streaming. For more information about a specific product, please visit the encoders page or the cameras page or the Mobile Cast Studios page on the Datavideo website.

Complete Pre-Configured Solution for SRT Streaming

Datavideo provides end-to-end solutions for producing a reliable stream using SRT. Visit the Cam-Cloud SRT Packages Page for more information. Alternatively, you can download a PDF of the SRT Packages or the SRT Packages One Sheet.