dv Cloud Update - R6066

dv Cloud R6066 update has now been released.   Change Log   ·       Add streaming platform integration. Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo currently supported ·       Add direct link to dedicated dvCloud help page to the top menu bar ·       'Users' and 'Groups' are now under a new menu called ... Read More »

27th Apr 2021
dv Cloud Update - R3066

dv Cloud R3066 update has now been released. Change Log Implement SRT server Implement SRT push/caller  Implement support for Datavideo BB-1 Implement support for Datavideo NVD-3X MK2 decoder control Implement NVD-3X MK2 decoder statistics Reduce CPU load when generating live MJPEG previews Implement secure HTTPS access by ... Read More »

30th Mar 2021